Krasue Krung Khon (original title)
Far away deep in the jungle, there is a village of short people. They lived happily hunting and gathering from the surrounding forest. One day, a group of young villager came upon a nest of Elephant fireflies and ate the insects, which resulted in their transformation into a new kind of demon called Krasue. The Krasues are the creature that glows in the night have only the head with the intestine attached to the head, who will only eat only filthy things. A journey of the people who are small in size who have to confront the abominations with have only the heads and intestines attached that glow in the night. They will do everything to protect their love ones and try to get rid of the monsters, even if that means they have to become the monsters themselves.
Director: Bin Bunluerit
Screenplay: Bin Bunluerit
Producer: Bin Bunluerit
Cast: Khomchit Taikhiri, Worawan Kanchon, Prachak Naeophila

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