A wacky and hilarious misadventures of a trio of swindlers who chance upon Isko (Andrew E.), a man from the countryside who is planning to work overseas but duped on his money by the flirty Dorie (Maricel Soriano) together with his accomplices Elvis (Smokey Manaloto) and Ricky (Dale Villar. More trouble ensues when they took custody of Don Sebastian’s (Johnny Wilson) grand daughters, Brenda (Anjanette Abayari) and Donna (Donna Cruz) when Don Sebastian was killed by his assailants whose life was saved earlier by the swindlers. Now they will run for their lives because the assailants goes after the wealth left behind by Don Sebastian to her granddaughters.

Runtime 1h 42min
Genres Comedy, Drama
Countries Philippines
Directors Viva Film
Casts: Maricel Soriano, Andrew E., Donna Cruz

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