Marlon ( Dolphy) is a simple bellboy who has Boyet (Vandolph) as his adopted son and Jenny (Sheryl Cruz) as his long lost daughter residing in the US. Marlon eyes Carol ( Nanette Medved) as his love interest but crosses path with Roland (Paquito Diaz) in pursuing Carol’s attention. As Jenny comes home from the States. Marlon disguises himself as a rich guy living at the penthouse of the hotel he’s working for to impress her. Jenny meets Allan (Zoren Legaspi) the only son of Don Jaime(Subas Herrero), the hotel’s owner. Everything was going well until Robert (Shintaro Valdez) Jenny’s boyfriend from the states follows her, Roland tells Jenny of her father’s disguise and Boyet gets jealous of Marlon’s attention towards Jenny. Eventually,they manage to fix their differences with a little touch of comedy,drama, and action.

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