Carding (Robin Padilla) is an ex-convict who is trying to start a new life by working as a rent-a-car driver. But one day, he gets hired by Kristin (Vina Morales), a beautiful young woman who dupes him into driving a get-away car in a hold-up operation she herself orchestrated. She pretends to be the hostage of her own henchmen, and Carding is forced to yield to their orders. Worse, he is mistaken by the police as one of the robbers and gets arrested. Luckily, Carding manages to escape. Carding discovers Kristin’s deception and demands that she clear his name. Struck by her conscience, Kristin affirm Carding’s innocence to the police. But her statement is televised, and one of those who’ve seen it is Melendez (Bembol Roco), a mob boss who has an axe to grind against Carding and Kristin.

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